Detroit Lakes Area Panfish Report 12/28-12/29

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    Well the past couple days I have hit the “milk run” time periods for fishing, early morning and evening. With having a few days off and trying to get some fishing in and family time in, this has been the times that have worked best for me.

    Both early mornings, I have not marked the amount of fish I would have expected. Most fish did commit to my presentations, but the numbers of fish were not there.

    Yesterday morning I failed to capitalize on the flurry of activity as I had down too large of an offering. After realizing this I was able to ice a few, including a nice fish that went over 13″. The others that I caught were all around that 10-11″ range.

    The evening of 12/28 I hit a spot that was a bit shallower and right on the edge of the weedline. This did not prove to be a prime spot either, as I did ice a half dozen crappies but no real slabs.

    This morning I hit another spot that looked promising. Again, some fish were caught but not in the numbers I expected. I ended up icing a few fish that went between 12-13.25″, including a double that had caught me offguard.

    I would have liked to have been able to put more time in during the middle of the day to be able to chase these fish around more, but my time did not allow.

    Ice conditions have not really improved around the area as the daytime and evening temps have not contributed to good ice making. Hopefully things will change soon, though it has helped with traffic on the lakes.

    Also, if you have a permanent on any of the DL or OT area lakes, please check on it frequently. I have heard of a handful of incidents where the ice is melting around the houses and a few have gone thru.

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