Detroit Lakes Ice ?

  • Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
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    I was talking to the Vex guy down here at Cabala’s, he was saying the Detroit Lakes area has 7″ of ice ? running snowmobiles already ?

    I sure wish we had Ice down here .. I have the itch to ice fish !!!

    Battle Lake, MN
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    I know Big Detroit has been frozen for awhile now, that being said i’m sure many smaller lakes have been frozen for awhile as well in that area. ATV’s are have been out on a lake in the Otter Tail are over the weekend so I’m sure they have been up by DL as well. The bigger lakes in this area just locked up over the weekend, but still have small pockets of open water. Hope this helps

    Moorhead, MN
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    I was out on Detroit in front of the Pavilion yesterday there was 5 maybe 6 inches. No snow at all so it was solid. My dad fished over on one of the bays on Big DL and said there was only 3 inches with open water in sight. Looks like the nights are in the single digits for this week should be good to go on most lakes by next weekend.

    Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
    Posts: 6946

    I sure wish we would get some solid ice before the snows come in…

    Thanks for the update !!

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