Connecting a Lowrance to a Terova Universal Transducer

  • jerrj01
    Hudson, WI
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    I’m sure there has been a discussion on this connection, but what is the difference between using the MKR-US-9 and the MKR-US-10? When I look at the description of both, they look identical. The MKR-US-10 is cheaper, but I’m not sure why and not sure which one I should purchase.

    blaine mn
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    Depends what Lowrance unit you have. They are both for Lowrance/eagle but just different types of units.

    John Schultz
    Portage, WI
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    The 9 is for older units. The 10 is what you need for any of the recent units. Follow Kurt’s link and then click on the compatibility chart and find your unit in the list. The main difference is the plug.

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