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Chippewa Flowage

  • Bob Schultz
    Posts: 728

    Fishing it for the 1st time next week. Staying at Chippewa Pines Resort on Blueberry Creek. Any advice anyone has to offer?

    Minocqua, WI
    Posts: 1455


    What part of the flowage is it on??? Would think that anything close to inflow be good, most fish should be shallow for a bit and then to be able to find wood/rock in combo or by itself would be good places to target under 10’… on the TFF over here it was/is the above in shallow water going to toward the channel edge, with the channel being the spot during the middle of the day/bad weather…


    Bob Schultz
    Posts: 728

    It’s on the south end. West side. Reports I have seen since opener were everything was real shallow. Since the cool down they have pushed out. I suspect they will move back in some this weekend and next week.

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