Last Cat Contest of the Season

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    The last contest of the season will be held this coming Saturday night August 15th.

    Time: Between the hours of 7:00pm and 6:00am Sunday morning.

    Boundries: The Minnesota River from the trussel bridge in Carver, down stream to the confluance with the Mississippi. On the Mississippi it will be from the second lock and damn at ST Anothony down stream with pool 2 inclusive.

    Entry: Will be done here at the shop up to close of business the day of the contest. Cost will be $10.00 per person with 100% payouts to the top two of both species (flatheads and channels)

    Pictures with the measurments of length and girth need to be submitted to either this post or to [email protected] NO LATER THAN NOON Sunday the 19th to be entered.

    Good luck out and there and be careful, it should be a good time like always.

    Moores Bait
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    The control item tonight is “Finale”

    Go get’m guys and gals, it will be a fantastic night out there…….

    Moores Bait
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    Thanks to all that stayed out last night in the rain. It was a tough bite once again, but some people were able to put fish in the boat. A special thanks to my boat partners last night Karl & Brandy for sticking it out against horrific odds.

    from what has been submitted, we are in a position to announce the winners and they are:


    1st place goes to Ryan with one at 36.5 X 22

    2nd place goes to Joe with one at 31 X 17

    Channel cats:

    1st place goes to Jake with a nice 33 X17

    2nd place goes to Joe with a 26.5 X 13.5

    Thanks once again to all that took part, and hope your drying out nicley.

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    BK are there any cat contests comeing up in jan. feb. or march!???! Let me no i have some new sticks for you to try.

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