Canadian Wild Fires

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    Pretty crazy how many fires are going on up there. I know it is a part of the natural cycle to some extent, but is Canada also in a drought?

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    Will be heading deep into the Ontario woods this weekend and hope it’s not too bad. No fires in our immediate area and it looks like the worst is east of us – The northeast US looks like something out of the dust bowl the smoke is so bad.

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    Western Canada has experienced its warmest and driest “spring” on record. That’s where our wildfire smoke has come from. Recently, more fires have started burning in Quebec and other parts of eastern Canada, and that smoke is what is drifting south to the east coast of the US.

    There is a stationary ridge of high pressure parked over Canada that basically hasn’t moved in weeks. That ridge is what is creating such hot and dry weather here too. Its preventing low pressure fronts from reaching us, which are the big rain makers.

    It doesn’t appear to be moving much either, which means for the foreseeable future, we’ll continue to have warmer and drier weather, occasionally filled with smoke.

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see a significant portion of MN move into stage 3 drought by the 4th of July at this pace. There could also be burning/campfire restrictions coming soon too.

    Matt Moen
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    I was in NY yesterday and got delayed coming home because of the smoke. Never scene anything like it. The pictures don’t do it justice. The sight and smell was surreal.

    It was perfectly sunny in the morning and then the wind picked up about noon and it blew in immediately. You couldn’t see the tops of the buildings from the ground.

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    quetico is on a fireban as of a couple days ago. fingers crossed the bwca stays free and clear for a couple more weeks

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    Just got back from Rainy Lake, North Arm.
    On Sunday we watched the storm blow in, watched and listened to lighting for a couple hours. Poured like crazy, could watch the wall of water come across the bay. Around 5 pm we headed back out, noticed some smoke and went to investigate. Was a fire burning in back of one of the bays about a mile from our place. We had heard the lighting and saw the flash at the same time and knew it must be close but….. went ashore and checked it out. Headed to Fort Frances and alerted the Forest guys who took up the charge from there. With all that rain it just seems so amazing it was burning like that. There was at least one other plume of smoke we could see as well after that but the Forest Service was on it.
    Just North of Rebecca island on your way to Pillsbury island if you are familiar with the area.

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