Can you fish in the same hole as Panoptics?

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    So I have joined the team with a Livescope/Summit shuttle pole system. Have not used it yet. Seen a few video’s some fish in the same hole and others locate fish then use another locator, The pole looks to me like fish would get tangled constantly thoughts/experience what would you do? I have 1 to many locators and may sell one but thinking of keeping it as a back up but didn’t really know you could fish the same hole. Thanks

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    Hole hopping I’ve fished in the same hole and the line will get wrapped around the pole more times than not. If I’m in a fish house, I’ll drill a separate hole for the LiveScope and one for fishing.

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    Can you? Sure….. But prepare to get all kinda tangled.

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    I see YT videos all the time where one hole used for both electronics and fishing, and they don’t pull the electronics when fighting a fish. Look at some of the Game of Inches videos.

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    The lvs32 is 6″ wide, the lvs34 is even larger. The summit pole centers the transducer over the hole with three arms supporting the pole. The margin for error is very small and gets more difficult as the ice thickens…If you just wanna scout around quick, then sure you can fish through it, but if you’re gonna set up I suggest a designated hole for the livescope. Nice thing about livescope is you can watch several holes at the same time if you line em up

    Matt Moen
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    I’d say it’s a no go when the ice gets over 8” thick. I’ve done it, and I’ve also lost some nice crappies getting them wrapped on the pole.

    I’ll usually drill an extra hole and then no worries about getting wrapped up.

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    Sure you can, but you will end up pulling the pole on just about every fish. A second hole is recommended.

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    I have Panoptix not Livescope I think mine is called PS22 and if fishing by myself I’ll pop 2 holes so my Panny is in the top hole.I have a Lite Flite 6”. If fishing in my shack with someone I pop a hole in the middle then a hole for each of us and put it in down view and we can both see our jigs. The cool thing about Panoptix or Livescope or probably any FF sonar is you can see fish coming from quite a ways away the deeper the water the farther away you can see them coming. Really neat up at SD when those schools of perch are coming in !! Gets you all excited.

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