big cat sighting in a school yard

  • Randy Wieland
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    The elementry school my wife works at had a big cat cross the yard this week. A construction worker eating lunch in his truck videos the cat strutting it’s way through. School put the kids on indoor recess for the short term.

    I got to see the video. It does leave some questions. There was nothing to give a true perspective of size. Knowing the twrain well, I’ll guess body is 4+ feet long. No clear shot of the tail and it’s a bit blurry shot through the windshield. Color is uniform. No spots or color variations across the body. If I can get the video sent to me, I’ll get it loaded on here. The sightings around here in very non traditional habitat is becoming more frequent

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    Hmm, that isn’t good. Only one cat that I know of in these parts that would be size you describe.

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    saw that video on bookface this morning. I’ve not seen one in the wild but sure seems like there is only one kind of kitty that could be

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
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    Dnr “house cat” jester jester jester

    There is a pretty good pic captured from the video that shows the tail. Big cat! Absolutely no doubt in my mind. What they didn’t tell you is in the woods about 2 miles away is a deer carcass up in a tree with cat tracks all over.

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