Bemidji Area Update….

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    My wife was helping a friend on Sat. morning, so our group of 3 didn’t hit the water until 1pm on opening day. It took us a bit to find a school of fish and to shake off the rust, but once we did it was pretty solid. Managed our 18 fish, with 2 over 20″. Ended up being a pretty nice day despite a little chop. We found all of our fish hanging around bars, and they seemed to be lake spawners. Fish were caught in 18-21′ of water for the most part… We were the only people on the lake for the last few hours. It was wonderful.

    Sunday we went to bigger water and still fished alone most of the day. We once again filled the limit of anglers in need, but no bigger fish. All solid 15-19″ fish. Completely different bite, as we fished 7-9′ of water on sand/sand grass.

    Monday I guided a group for a half day and they were able to capitalize despite some really cruddy weather. Temp. had dropped 20 degrees and it was spitting rain all day. Again, a couple limits and 3 fish over 20″ all caught in 7-10′ of water again on sand/sand grass.

    Nothing huge over the weekend, but some really solid fish. A lot of males were still milking when reeled in. On Sat. my boat was covered in it… Golden or spottail shiners worked, didn’t notice a huge difference between the two like I do most years. 1/4oz. jigs were the mainstay, blue and pink dominated.

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