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March Rainbow Trout Fishing

  • rocheyehunter
    Bemidji, mn
    Posts: 56

    Thru the month of march i spent alot of time fishing Rainbow Trout on a lake a hour from Bemidji. The inland walleye and pike season has closed in late February so i turned to another fun, and great tasting fish to target! The lake i was fishing is a lake the is open for ice angling unlike a couple Bemidji area trout lakes. With 20ft water clarity these fish were very fun to sight fish right under the ice! I targeted the most gradual feeding flats fairly shallow in 25fow up to 8fow. Ive been fishing anywhere from 3-6 feet under the ice as they cruise right under the ice on these shallow areas. Small silver spoons tipped with waxies was there bait of choice. I can’t wait til next march to fish these exciting fish again thru the ice!

    Posts: 100

    Nice fish. Ever try blacksmith?

    Bemidji, mn
    Posts: 56

    No i have not. Ive heard of it! Summer only correct?

    Ben Putnam
    Saint Paul, MN
    Posts: 993

    Awesome fish, and great read! How big was that first one? By the lip I’m guessing at least 24″!?

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