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    So little time to get reports up, but thought I’d drop in and give a quick update!

    Fishing in the area is still good if you’re willing to tinker around, and possibly adapt to other species when needed. IF you can lake-jump, it’s a good tactic for walleyes. One lake might be hot one day, and dead the next. We’re finding that the smaller bodies of water are MUCH more productive than Bemidji, Leech, etc… with Cass being an exception, as the bite continues to shine out there. Crawlers or leeches rigged over mid-lake structure, or along weed edges is working. Cranks are still putting out fish on the rocks and over the thick weeds.

    Bonus pike are hitting, and the bigger fish are showing up…

    Multi-species trips are what we’re doing most days now. Half a day for walleyes and then moving over to aggressive crappies. We’ve been on a great bite with slib bobbers or casting Lindy spins with Yum plastics. Size has ranged from 9″ to just over 13″.

    Bear baiting is in full swing now, so fishing will take a back seat for me for a few weeks… Look for a report just before the hunting opener! Good luck out there!

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    Hey Matt! Were headed up Sept 14-21st will be fishing sum of the smaller lakes in the Bemidji area staying out a Dreamers! If you hear of any lakes turned on around that time little heads up would be appreciated!! Good luck Bear hunting!!

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