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    2013 kicked off where 2012 left off. Ice fishing is in full swing… The lakes in the Bemidji area are absolutely pristine as far as ice conditions go, and the fish are cooperating.

    Spent a day out with my family to kick things off. A buddy asked me about a little puddle I found last year, and he and some others knocked some crappies around, so I thought I’d bring my family out to enjoy our first outing of the year. My son is now 5, and watching him work fish over solo is truly amazing. I was a proud papa watching him reel in a few fish…

    Also had clients in the rental on Lake Bemidji on New Years Eve., New Years Day, and throughout the week and weekend. In 2013 one house has put out 29 walleyes, which is pretty good for Lake Bemidji right now. A lot of the fish are the smaller year classes, ranging from 8-14″, but a lot of solid 15-19″ fish mixed in. Perch continue to be active, especially during low-light periods. From 8-11am and again from 3-5pm. Pike seem scarce this year on a lot of bodies of water… The early appearance of the tulibees on Lake Bemidji has been a nice surprise, so I’ve been tinkering with them while they’re hot. A large spoon for flash with an 8″ drop down to a Lindy Bug with a plastic has been tricking them nicely. The ultimate 1-2 punch.

    Many smaller lakes in the area are putting out great bluegills and crappies. Shallow water has been great, as the snow cover is minimal, and there’s still a lot of oxygen. Some fish are hanging out deeper too, and are becoming more aggressive. Look for higher bands of fish on your Vex, suspending as high as 20′ off bottom for active feeders.

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