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    I was able to get out walleye fishing for a half day on Sunday after fishing muskies all day on Saturday. I noticed a big change from the week prior. A week ago most all the fish were in the shallows – from three to nine feet of water relating to cabbage. It was actually very difficult to find much of anything off the breaklines in say 12-20 FOW. That seemed to all change over the week. Although I love weed line fishing its really nice to be able to mark the fish and fire straight down to them with a live bait rig or jig.

    Most of the concentrations I saw were in 14-20 feet, but I did find a few fish in 25+ setting up on some mid lake humps. They weren’t as active as the shoreline fish but if you hovered over them long enough with a leech or chub they would eventually bite.

    I kept it pretty basic with live bait rigs, leeches, and chubs. One of those deals where I only had a few hours to fish so I stuck with what I knew would work.

    Now for the Muskies – A friend and I fished the Chapter 46 Muskies Inc. Tournament on Lake Bemidji. (you can fish a number of lakes) We pretty much struck out. Water temperature was 66 degrees and we spent all day burning little buctails, fishing jerkbaits, and topwaters. Raised 4 fish, none that seemed too interested in biting. 5 fish were caught out of 111 participants so I guess we weren’t alone. It seems like once the water hits 70 and stays 70 overnight, the fish bite. Until then it could be a more sporadic/night bite. Covering water trolling would also be a great approach.

    Couple photos –

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