Windshield question?

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    Been looking for a replacement windshield on a 04 Alumacraft Trophy passenger side. Found out from the dealer they don’t make that old of a windshield anymore so i need to purchase both sides of the windshield. By longshot thought maybe to post on here if anyone ever had the same issue and possible would have the passenger side laying around they’d be willing to part with.


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    check ebay

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    Try calling Alumacraft parts dept. There might be one sitting out in the “boneyard” behind the factory. Years ago I needed an out of date part from another of the guys was able to locate the part on an older defective returned unit. With the price of metal these days I might be whistlin’ dixie.

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    Had the same issue with ’94 Trophy a few years ago.

    Water Bonnet used to manufacture glass for Alumacraft – their logo should be on the corner of the windshield. Marine Glass Specialties in Florida handles a lot of their discontinued parts. If you can get the part numbers from Alumacraft, will help a bunch.

    Good luck.


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    thanks guys!

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