Alexandria Area Report

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    Made it out for the first time this season on Tuesday. Fished the Alexandria area. Had 11.5 inches of ice. Ice was a little soft. Ended up keeping three crappies and a walleye. The walleye was in with a school of gills. We lost the school of crappies at sunset and couldn’t get much going after dark.

    Thursdays condition were a lot different. It was very windy and because of the rain, there was glare ice. Of course I forgot my cleats. It also rained and snowed when we were out there. If you set something on the ice, it would start to blow away. Didn’t matter how heavy it was. Fishing was very slow as the fish were very finicky. Saw numerous schools move in, you could move them up about 4 feet and they would disappear. We ended the night with three crappies and a perch. We threw everything at them and couldn’t get them to go.

    What I found interesting was our holes from Tuesday were still open and had expanded in size. Also, new holes I was only seeing 9.5 to 10 inches of ice.

    We really needed the cold that moved in today.

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    Your old holes were probably like typhoons sucking in the rain water.

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