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2019 Ice Reports

  • Chris K
    Posts: 13

    Hey all, figured I’d get the ball rolling. Saw quite a few guys set up on Kron’s and Cedar Island. Any news? Ice closer to the cities is 4in or so right now.

    john garrett
    Posts: 2

    <looking for ice reports for whitefish bay lotw and crow lake with the weather they are having I would exspect we should be able to go anywhere on opening day

    cold spring mn
    Posts: 6777

    just a heads up to anyone headed to the chain soon. the DOT or maybe sheriffs dept posted no parking signs all along the highway by the winter access, and from what I heard maybe one spot to park, MAYBE.

    the only thing I can think of is from a drivers safety standpoint. gonna bite till the ice gets thick enough to drive on or park along shore.the locals aren’t real happy about it and I heard there where 10 illegally parked vehicles there yesterday!!!!!!

    tim hurley
    Posts: 4300

    Is their only one legal access point on the whole ding dang chain?

    cold spring mn
    Posts: 6777

    well there is an access on the south end of long but I would not suggest trying to go to horseshoe from there either. there is another one on the east side of cedar island also but a long trek over to horseshoe. cant remember the county road its on but goes past Richmond community park. where the access is we called it tchimperlins culverts!!!

    Lake Elmo MN
    Posts: 1104

    Has anyone been out and how is the ice now?

    Patric Doyle
    Brainerd Lakes
    Posts: 16

    Oops, wrong thread. Sorry.

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