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  • Bob Schultz
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    Took my best buck to date Sunday morning. My dad and brother tagged out Saturday morning with a 3 point and an 8. They were going to sit until 10 Sunday. My dad is about 175 yards from me, so I thought I would stick around a bit longer in case they pushed something around while walking out. Sure enough, at 10 even, I hear brush breaking right between me and my dad. I can hear it running and then stop. Running more, coming closer. Now on a walk and I can finally see it. I saw 3 points on the one side and then tried to find a shot. Let drive and he took off crossing in front of me. I racked another shell in and got on him again and click! What the heck! Apparently didn’t pull the bolt back far enough to push the next shell in. He ran out of site and I heard a crash and then another and then all silent. My brother came over by me and we looked around and finally found blood, but not great. We started following. I sit about 75 yards from the neighbors and figured he made it at least that far. We kept going and sure enough had blood right to the fence. Got a hold of them and continued. He made it another 75 or so yards. Took out one lung. 17 inches inside.

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    Minocqua, WI
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    Congrats bearplotts!!! We had 3 bucks on the ground by Sat. 8 a.m., then took a doe Sun a.m. I missed a big racked son of a gun Sat. eve.


    Isle, MN
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    Nice job !!! No snow !!!

    Bob Schultz
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    Thanks guys! We had a half inch on Saturday am. It was down to just a trace Sunday morning, but did help keep the tracking moving a little better.

    Mark, my buddies who hunt just west of the curves on 98 between Spencer and Loyal are struggling a bit this year. Seeing does but not much for horns. They usually fill a pile of buck tags.

    Will Roseberg
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    Heck of a nice buck… Congrats Bearplotts!!

    Rhinelander, WI
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    Nice deer Bearplotts, congratulations!


    SW Wisconsin
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    That’s a nice buck. Congrats! waytogo waytogo

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