1996 Crestliner Sportfish 1750 Rod holder door

  • Jayson Martin
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    Hello does anyone have a rod holder door for a older Crestliner sportfish I believe a 1995-1997 would probably work! The door I’m looking for looks like the one in the picture I provided!

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    That looks easy enough to make a template for and make yourself. Vinyl is pretty easy to deal with, staples are cheap.

    Glad you posted the pic, #1 good action shot. #2 it shows the brakets I need for my Bimini I’ve been looking for!! peace

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    There is a place in Isanti that might have a old crestliner laying around for parts. Sorry don’t know the name of the place, it is south of town on the east side of hwy 65.

    Somebody will know the place.

    Jayson Martin
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    Is this place obvious I can see it right from the road if I drove up 65? I don’t live too far from isanti I work in Ham lake and don’t live too far from where I work! Thanks for Your reply!

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