14.8v Lithium battery

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    Will the Norsk 14.8v damage my vex flx-20.

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    Not sure, but here are my thoughts. If you look at the Vexilar manual the rated voltage operating range is 10.5V to 15V. I have the 14.8V Amped battery, but I’m sure the Norsk is similar, and fully charged the battery has 16.8V. Will it hurt the Vexilar not sure, but maybe someone has already used one and can say for sure. The Vexilar I believe also has a battery gauge on it and I believe they are calibrated to go off a 12V battery which has a full charge of about 12.7v, so a 14.8v battery should throw off the battery gauge. My thought is the 14.8v battery was developed mainly for the Livescope models which have a lot more power draw than a flasher. Not sure you would get any additional benefits of a 14.8v battery over a 12v battery. Hopefully you get a response from someone who will verify they ran their Vexilar on a 14.8v battery last year or so without doing any damage.

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    Adam Beck
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    Thanks for the info.

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    Call Amped, it’s a LiFe Po4. The owner, Matt, will answer any question you have. Free charger too.

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    I use Makita 18 on my Helix. It’s within the voltage range mentioned above.

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