Pattern Perfection

Patterning your shotgun in today’s turkey world is a given, but do you have it down to a science? If you’re simply looking to get a good enough pattern to…

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Nebraska Turkey

This was the first bird IDO Pro-Staff Ben Brettingen and I took on a morning that lead to 3 birds before 11AM. I was happy to say the least!

Coming Hard to the Call

This photo is from one of several birds that myself and Grand National Calling Champion Billy Yargus brought into our laps one Minnesota morning in 2011.


SD/NE Combo Hunt

One of the best ways to become a good turkey hunter is to hunt new places. Each bird we call at is an individual, yet all turkeys show some of…


MN “B” Season Lightning Hunt

I’ll never forget taking out a first-time turkey hunter almost 10 years ago, who upon picking up his flopping bird less than 2 hours into the first morning’s hunt, had…


Another Addiction!

I grew up spending 2-3 weekends per year being covered from head to toe in blaze orange while following my dad’s heels around Minnesota and Wisconsin during the month of…


MN Turkey – Hunting with Isaac

Hunting has been difficult. Quiet birds can make for a rather dissatisfying morning in the woods, and birds that come in silent? Well that’s just not fair. Surely my biggest…