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Early Ice Mille Lacs 2017

Easily one of my favorite weekends of the year is the 1st weekend with ice thick enough for fishing shoreline breaks on Mille Lacs.  There’s just something special about early…

Monster Ice Bluegills – Season 12, Episode 3

Episode 3 takes us to Northern Minnesota in search of early ice bluegills. With a big weather front pushing in, the bluegills were in a feeding frenzy and couldn’t resist the VMC Flash Champ Spoons! James also got to try out the new Fusion from Tuned Up Custom Rods with great results!

Rainy River Walleyes – S11E01

James Holst and the rest of the In-Depth Outdoors Fishing Team are back for another year of IDO TV! We are now in our eleventh year of broadcast and we…