Fishing Door County Walleye And Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Door County Walleye and Smallmouth Bass

011We have now over the past week or so received some much warmer weather which has in turn increased water temperature in the entire Bay of Green Bay. With the warmer weather it has brought us high pressure clear skies with the lack of wind leaving us with flat calm conditions on the water which makes fishing for both walleyes and Smallmouth Bass very tough. Even though we have been faced with weather conditions less than ideal we still have been able to catch some good fish just having to fish harder for less. The key for our success has been staying in areas that we know the fish are at and fishing very slowly to get the fish to bite.

As we move into the month of June we will be faced with great opportunities at fishing for both Bass and Walleyes at many different locations and as far as the Bass goes we will have opportunities at catching Bass both pre-spawn and post-spawn depending on the location on the Bay. As far as presentations we have been finding success for the Smallmoth Bass using Rapala X-Raps fished slowly in shallow water also finding success using Rapala Shadow  Raps in slightly deeper water using both the shallow and deep diving versions finding success on both. Some days we have had to work the baits very slowly allowing for long pauses triggering bites if we have some wind on other days the fish seem to be a bit more active and a bit quicker presentation seems to get more action.

Walleye fishing has been a bit tough on us for the past couple of weeks in all locations around the Bay which is abnormal we are typically looking at great walleye action in shallow water before we move into the summer months both trolling and using casting presentations but things have been a bit slow for most locations as of now but hoping things will begin to fire up here soon. We have been finding action for fishing walleyes trolling Rapala shad Raps along With trolling Storm Smash Shads in water depths from 4 to 10 feet of water.  We have also been finding success casting for walleyes in shallow water using 1/4 oz and 3/8th oz VMC Moon Eye Jigs with B-Fish-N Pulse-R Paddle Tails along with Moxies in a variety of different colors depending on the day.

There is much more of this open water season ahead of us with lots of opportunities at catching both walleyes and Smallmouth Bass through out the entire Bay Of Green Bay and as we move into the summer season this will bring us changes in locations for both species along with changing some of our presentations for both species slightly but location changes will be more than presentations mostly due to to walleyes with them moving and migrating to different locations as the season progresses into summer and eventually leading into the Fall season. Good Fishing to all and please be safe.

Paul Delaney

Late Eyes Sport Fishing

920 421-0896

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