Sandbars, Saugers and a nice Surprise…

Water Body


Hello Sportsfans and welcome to the weekly report here at Ballard’s Resort.

The guides are going here, there and everywhere… From Long Point to Garden Island to the Gap…Finding consistency from day to day remains the name of the game…

Mornings tend to be spent jigging the sandbars and then moving to the rock rubble for an afternoon of drifting spinners.

What are they seeing? When anchored & jigging (sandbars) the trend seems to be a lot of saugers and occasionally some slot fish. When drifting the rock rubbles they’re finding more keeper walleyes.

With all the rain and chilly overnights, the water temperatures are still holding at 55 degrees, which is colder than the ideal temp. It looks like the 10day forecast is predicting to be in the 70’s …hopefully that will help warm things up!

Every day is an adventure on Lake of the Woods…Check out this nice Pike…caught in the middle of the Big Traverse!!

Nice Pike!

Nice Pike!

See you soon and don’t forget to make time to…


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