Lake of the Woods Fishing Report, NW Angle, Sunset Lodge

Water Body
forresthuset-2Up at the NW Angle, we’ve had quite a bit of heavy wind and some rain this past week. But, we’re still catching fish!
On the Ontario side, Little Traverse has shut down – too much wind and it blew all the bait fish off. The hay day there was short and sweet. We are back up north at Big Narrows, Bishop Bay and the Skeet Island area! A tip when fishing Big Narrows – there is a lot of current so I recommend 1/2 ounce jigs versus a 3/8 ounce jig.
On the Minnesota side, Four Blocks is STILL doing really good. Lots of launches there as usual. One group is staying an extra day since the fishing is so good over there!
Guests are still catching walleyes, nice sized perch, muskies, pike and some scattered crappies (although we don’t expect to catch crappies again until the end of Aug/beginning of September).
Muskies are still on the rocks and smaller bait seems to be doing better.
We are seeing lots of deer on the shore line and even had a bear come in when we were finishing up with our shore lunch yesterday.Slabs-in-the-summer.-John-Rauenhorst-with-guide-Dan-Schmidt
If we can get some steady weather we might be able to salvage the Little Traverse area, otherwise, we’ll continue to go north and catch fish up there!
Until next week, good fishing!
Dan Schmidt

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