Lake of the Woods Fishing Report, NW Angle, Sunset Lodge

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Scott Heim Group

Scott Heim Group

Up at the NW Angle, we had some more cold fronts, rain and wind this past week. With the weather constantly changing, fishing was more challenging. We were fishing quite a bit of current and reefs with shallow tops in about 18-22 feet of water. With another bug hatch, the fish are feeding mainly on insect larvae (all the fish I cleaned had bellies full of it) so I recommend trolling with leeches or worms off the points where it transitions to mud. For jigs we’re still using 3/8 ounce, any fluorescent color or Lake of the Woods Gold will do the trick.

Our water temperature is at about 63 degrees which is about one week ahead of where we were last year. All of our guests still got their limits and were able to land some NICE fish! The biggest fish we heard about was a 30.5 inch walleye.

Les Anderson Group

Les Anderson Group

Very few perch and crappies were caught since they are in the pre and post season spawn. Bass are just going up on the beds. Guests caught LOTS of nice northerns and walleyes!

On the Minnesota side, with the strong winds and rain don’t overlook weed beds down in the angle in front of Fort St. Charles. This is a good back up area on days with poor weather conditions. Normand and Little Oak did well.

On the Ontario side, we were still fishing points and reefs with shallow tops. Reefs in Monument Bay warm up first.

Scott Heim Group

Scott Heim Group

We’ll have some good blueberry picking this summer with all the rain we’ve been getting!

We still have a few openings towards the end of June – this is my FAVORITE time of year to fish because reef fishing really starts. June 20th is also the opening of MUSKY fishing! We had one guest tell us that he had a nice eater walleye on the line when a musky got a hold of it and held on to it all the way up to the boat so they were able to get a look at it!

Please call 218-223-8211 if you are able to join us for some fantastic fishing!

Until next week, good fishing!
Dan Schmidt

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