Lake of the Woods Fishing Report, NW Angle, Sunset Lodge

Water Body
forresthusetgroups-3Up at the NW Angle, muskie fishing is in its hay day! Forrest Huset, muskie guide, reports that groups are getting 2-3 muskies per day. “They are seeing a lot of fish everyday, throughout the entire day. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits during the day and bucktails and topwaters in the morning and evenings. Most fish have moved to the rock reefs with a few fish still back in the weedy bays.”
Our water temperature is at 74 degrees which is the warmest it will get. With the warm, steady weather fishing is great which is why this is my favorite week of the year! Walleye fishing is still going strong. We did have a small bug hatch so some reefs have them, some don’t. You have to look around – they are there. 2 out of the 5 reefs we fished this weekend had fish on them. I recommend trolling in the mud as I mentioned last week.
On the Minnesota side, Four Blocks at 20-30 feet and Little Oak.
forresthusetgroups-4On the Ontario side, reefs to the north are still doing good. Little Traverse is loading up with fish.
We’ve had some fun shore lunches – Forrest and I joined up for a shore lunch yesterday with our two groups. Our guests enjoyed cliff jumping, the rope swing and a delicious meal of fresh fish!
We are taking reservations into summer 2017, if you are looking for a certain week each year, please call for availability. We’ve been having some challenges scheduling guests for certain dates as some are filled or getting full for next year already.
Until next week, good fishing!
Dan Schmidt

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