306 Walleyes, The Walleye Dream Trip scores again!

Water Body

We lost count after 200 or so, but yesterday’s walleye dream trip couldn’t have been more perfect. 75 degrees and sunny, just enough wind to keep the bugs at bay and, yes, the walleye action was some of the best I have seen in the many years of guiding the famous “Walleye Dream Trip”.
The biggest walleye of the day was just over 24” and fought a long hard battle. She hit a yellow twister tail and, during the encounter, she used the current completely to her advantage. At one point, I asked the other 3 anglers to reel in their lines to avoid tangles and to give me the best angle to insure a clean entrance into the net. When it was all said and done, there was one happy fisherman holding his big fish for multiple pics. After the photo shoot, she was put back, only to swim back to her feeding grounds below.

On a side note, one interesting lesson from yesterday comes from watching another angler try to anchor up in fast moving water. I could see the rising frustration levels in the drivers face as each anchor attempt ended with either the anchor breaking lose or the stern of the boat swinging wildly back and forth out of control. Key to fishing fast current here in Ontario, or anywhere for that matter, is that you need a good anchor and an invaluable drift sock. Yesterday was no different. We anchored up using a rope length 3 times the depth of the river off the bow, and throwing a 40” drift sock out the stern. Yesterday I was using a Drift Control Wave Tamer and that, in combination with the anchor, was the ticket to keeping the bow pointed upstream and the stern pointing rock solid, downstream.

At days ends, each angler was treated to upwards of 75 walleyes a piece, with innumerable doubles and triples, and the poor guide was only allowed to catch two. (Just way too much action for me to get to wet a line.)

If you are interested in a last minute trip to Canada, come see us next week and we’ll throw a Walleye Dream Trip at 50% off. Right now we have availability through July 24th. We even have one of our “house wife approved” Deluxe cabins available.

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  1. Awesome Chad!! That is a PILE-O-Walleyes!! Keep them warmed up for my dad and I!! We’re oiling up the guns for the Big 4 legged Canadian Giants too!! CAN’T WAIT!! My dad talks to me about it every otherday!!

  2. Chad- would have loved to do that trip but I didn’t know you were still offering it seeing you were selling the jetboat.

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