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The bite Sunday was incredible. I had the extreme pleasure to fish with fellow FTR member Chad “Buzzer” Tesar, and let me tell you, he can catch fish with the best of them. We left the launch around 10am and headed for the backwater sloughs north of Dresbach. Almost all of our fish came off the same type of structure. Sand with wood and vegetation. Current wasn’t much of a factor, but I think the bigger fish were relating to stronger current if you can find it.

Here is Chad with a nice fish caught off a sand flat next to some submerged wood. We ‘managed’ to catch about 8 nice fish like this one in this particular area. Most of the fish were the same ‘cookie-cutter’ size.

I’ve caught fish off this spot in the past and have done real well on plastics in the wood, but today I couldn’t even get a sniff as the fish were busting minnows on both sides of the slough. One thing that really surprised both Chad and myself was the fact that these fish would just roll on the lure without any splash whatsoever. It was just a slight boil and set the hook.

The next pic here is of a nice LM Bass that came off some slop. These fish really seemed to be off, as we didn’t catch any more than this one fishing slop. It was a great day for it, and we really tried hard to get them going, but they just wouldn’t cooperate.

This fish here was the nicest one we boated all day. Once again it came off a top-water plug in about 4 feet. The area itself offers a deep point with an under-cut bank and some vegetation. This dandy really clobbered Chad’s chugger and put up a great fight. The fish in this area weren’t as actice as some of the other areas, but they still hammered our lures and offered a great time. On a side note, this fish was caught around noon with a bright sun, so don’t be afraid to throw those top-water baits under less than perfect top-water conditions.

This last fish once again hammered a top-water chugger right around 2pm. The area consisted of a sand drop that started around 2 ft and dropped off to around 4ft. When we pulled into the area to fish it, we saw the fish working on top chasing 3 inch shad and we knew we were in for some fun. Once in a great while you get to see something out of the ordinary and today was the day for us. As I was fighting what I thought was one big Bass, I looked down to see TWO fish on my lure! I reached for the camera and one of the fish fell off to my dismay. It sure was nice to have a witness to this. How often does that happen?

Looking back on the few hours we were out, Chad and I caught over 25 fish, with over half in the 2—2.5 lb range. Not too bad for a few hours of fishing.

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