Fall Fishing Green Bay Door County

Fall Fishing Green Bay Door County

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I have not been so excited to see a cold front arrive in quite some time. With only a couple of days left here in the month of September we are finally seeing some cooler weather arrive after having a very mild month with temperatures well above average. September is typically that transition month between summer and Fall where temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit but that did not happen this September.

Fall fishing on the Bay Of Green Bay can have fantastic fishing opportunities at numerous different species including Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern pike, Muskies, along with Salmon. For myself I concentrate on fishing for Smallmouth Bass and Walleyes through the month of November. As the water temperatures begin to drop here in the fall the fish will begin to concentrate in areas close to where they will winter over and really begin to feed up heavy.

Over the past couple of weeks the fishing has been a bit tough for both the Bass and the walleyes with most of the fish still being scattered about and not schooled up in areas. The key to the success that we have been having has been to locate fish and just remain in those areas working back and forth over the fish until they bite. On days that we have had some wind they have been a bit more cooperative but on days with little to no wind they have been much less aggressive.

We have been catching both the walleyes and the Smallmouth bass using baits such as the Rapala Rippin Rap and the Rapala Jigging Raps along with running live bait rigs with succer minnows and red tail chubs. The best colors for us have been gold shiner Rippin Raps and black and gold Jigging Raps. The live bait rigs we are using concist of using a 5/8 oz walking sinker with a VMC barrel swivel on one end and a 12 lb  Sufix flourocarbon leader about 3 feet in length with a 1/0 VMC circle hook on the other end. As we continue to move further into the Fall season the fishing for all species previously mentioned should continue to just get better. Good Fishing.

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