Door County and Bay of Green Bay

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The Smallmouth Bass fishing in the Door County area has been great with lots of fish being caught all around the peninsula. The bass in the southern part of the county have begun to spawn with many fish on beds this past week. The water temps in the northern part of the county are a bit cooler and the fish here are all still pre-spawn.

The bass have been responding to many different baits changing a little each day with changing weather conditions but we have been finding great success using baits such as Trigger X tube baits in the color of green pumpkin along with peanut butter and jelly. Another bait that is working great for us has been the Rapala X Rap slash bait using this bait with long pauses between each twitch. In the mornings we have been finding the fish a little deeper and as the afternoon wears on and the water warms a bit the shallow water has had most of the active fish.

The Walleye fishing on the Bay of Green Bay has been good but has had some challenges lately such as cold water drifting around and relocating fish along with heavy rains bringing muddy water in to some areas which has sent us moving around to find that cleaner, warmer water that has fish in it.As soon as the weather begins to stable out there will be lots of opportunities to catch lots of walleyes all around the bay.

The walleyes will begin to set up in some of there summer patterns here soon in the lower portion of the Bay with large numbers of fish suspending in open water areas. We have been having success both casting and trolling this past week for the walleyes finding success casting Storm Smash Shads along with soft plastics such as the Trigger X drop dead minnow. The last few days we have had success trolling Storm Smash Shads in shallow water 10 feet or less at speeds of 1.8 to 2mph.

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Paul Delaney

As owner/operator of Late-Eyes Sport Fishing Guide Service, Capt. Paul Delaney practically lives on the water and ice of Door County, Wis. No matter the season, Paul’s clients pull big fish from the waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. His Full Bio ›


  1. We can always count on some great fishing eye-candy from you Paul. Thanks for sharing how it’s been up there lately!


  2. I made it out to Door County for the first time ever to fish with a good buddy. It was just a small sampling of what this area has to offer. What I find very interesting is that it is the same distance to Lake of the Woods as it is to Door County from the Twin Cities Metro area. Give or take a few minutes. So its not that far to travel to have world class fishing. I think I read somewhere that Green Bay has been named the #1 bass fishery in the nation.

    Kudos to you Paul to having this gem right out your door!

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