Fox Lake, Wis. walleye report.

Water Body

Well we did not have much time to fish today, so loaded up the boat and headed out to Fox Lake to do some crappie fishing and my favorite walleye fishing. We got to the lake at 10 am. and was off the water by 2 pm. We headed over by one of the islands on one of my old spots Friends and I fish. The wind was about perfect to do some drifting to find some active fish for the short time out fishing in the middle of the day.

We got by some spots marked on the lowrance and they were fish showing up off the bottom on the structure scan. No more got set up for the 1st drift and we had 2 walleyes in the net. It was amazing that drfting out of 12 feet of water and getting as shallow as 4.3 feet of water on a bar off the island that both fish came out of the shallow water. We could also see the groups of fish on the side scan as well. Marked some more spots on the side scan by cursing over to the where the fish were on the structure side scan. We would keep drfting over these spots on the next drift and boy they were there and hungry.

The baits were were using were my home made stand-up jigs in green , purple and yellow for the day. We also used the old stand by set up the simple split shot rig. The split shot rig is just a split shot up from the hook about a foot and a half. We also put different colored beads on and glow beads as well. The live bait we used for the day were minnows, leeches and crawlers. We get the split shot poles out first far away from the boat as possible, which was not too far when the wind came up to where wearing shorts for the day was cold. Then we jigged at a 45 degree angle and popping the jig about a foot off the bottom. The walleyes would have the whole jig in their mouth when they would crush it on the fall. Great time when walleyes are that shallow and ripping jigs.

Overall it was a great time out for awhile, we caught 27 walleyes, northern and a couple of bass as well. No crappies for us but had a blast with the walleyes.


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