Lake Wisconsin Walleye & Sauger Fishing

Water Body

Not really a lot to add from my last report on Lake Wisconsin walleyes. Weather was about the same, maybe even a little colder on Saturday morning. Hopefully, that will be the last time I need to wear long underwear this spring.

The bite on Saturday morning was pretty slow although we still managed to land a few walleyes including a couple legals and one slot.

The bite did improve quite a bit for my boat on Sunday morning. More fish overall and better size. Not monsters by any means but any time my clients catch a nice batch of eaters in just a few hours time is a pretty good morning in my book.

Best technique on this morning was plain old jig & minnow.

Sunday afternoon was by far my favorite as my wife Nancy and our yellow lab jumped aboard the boat for a couple hours play time in the new Skeeter.

We started out doing a little jigging. Used up the last couple minnows in the bucket from the morning trip and then tried out some night crawlers to see how that worked. Both worked about the same and we were able to catch several shorts and 3 more legals for dinner.

After that, I broke out the trolling gear just to see if we could pop a bigger fish. For the first hour or so, we did catch a fair number of fish. Funny thing was, most were even smaller than the ones we had been catching on jigs.

But just when we were about to call it a day, a bigger fish smacked the port side rod which was pulling a #7 Shad Rap. Nancy grabbed the rod and quickly proclaimed that this one was definitely a better fish. A little back and forth battle ensued and soon enough I was netting the best fish of the weekend and probably the best fish Nancy has caught in a few years. Nothing huge but it certainly made her smile.

Definitely made my day as well to see Nancy having that much fun fishing. Something the two of us used to do a fair amount of and something both of us want to make happen a little more often in the future.


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