Lake Wisconsin fishing report 5-20-14

Water Body

Great weather for the week coming, so off to Lake Wisconsin for an afternoon fishing with my folks, Henry and June. Dad is 88 and mom is 86 so with close to 80 degree temps time to get them out fishing for some walleyes. I picked them up at their house in Rio at 10 am and we got on the lake about noon. The folks used to take us down to the lake when we were kids all the time. We put the boat in at the grade,which is always a great landing to put in at. When I was a kid there used to be 2 bait shops at the grade but both are closed up now.

We set out fishing in water depth 5 to 12 feet of water on a shoreline drop off area. We would start our drift in 5 feet of water and stay on the edge of the contour between 8 to 10 foot depth. and some times out to 12 foot. With the high water yet up in the river system there is a good current out into the lake in many areas yet. Using the lowrance with structure scan was the key to finding some nice pods of fish for the day. It was amazing on how many fish were stacked up behind and on top of some of the structure today.

The lures of choice for my folks were hair jigs tipped with small chunks of night crawlers. Dads favorite way of just dragging the jigs on the bottom. First drift and June pulls in a keeper walleye and we are off to a great day of fishing. I like to verticle jig more my self, but both ways were working for the day. When the bite got the best hopping the jigs about a foot off the bottom the walleyes would just inhale the jig. Dad even got a nice one when he was cranking it in up off the bottom. The best colors for the day were green and yellow for us. We ended up with some nice eaters, 2 nice slot fish a 22 and a 23 inch walleye, only one sauger, a crappie and some whitebass.

Overall a great day with the folks and they got fish for a few meals and times like this are priceless. I never for get this time to have them out on one of their favorite lakes.


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