A July Weekend at Everts Fishing Resort

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This last weekend Nicole and her son Ethan came down to Everts Fishing Resort for some project work, a bit of fishing and shore line rock hunting relaxation.

Ethan was using his favorite bait, the crawler off of the Everts dock looking for the “big one” while I was in search of the big one using bullheads with a father/daughter team.

The weather was great and the May Flies reminded us that the old Mississippi was in good health.

A little further up stream Mallory and her dad Terry were sticking the hook to the flatheads.

We were fishing wood, wood and more wood tonight using 8 inch bullheads and Team Catfish 9/0 Super J hooks that dug in and brought the fish to the boat.

I was a little surprised that the flats haven’t all spawned yet. But with the cold water lasting until June I guess that would slow the spawn down some. Many of the flats have mouth imprints on them from other flatsheads.

The following day, I had the opportunity to take Nicole and Ethan out. Since the reports of White Bass have been sounding good, I had the spinning rods brought along. Once we anchored in a WBBA (White Bass Busting Area) I realized we didn’t have enough poppers along. Then came Steve and Trumar in their boat with extra lures. Nothing like On The Water Delivery to save the day!

While Nicole and Ethan were casting for the whities, I baited up Ethan’s white spinning rod with Sudden Impact fiber bait and placed it in the back rod holder. Then I went back to casting as well.

Now I’m not sure how those guides manage with two or three people casting treble hooked lures all day, but I set one popper down on my tackle box. It was the only lure out of a box in the whole boat…and some how it found it’s way into my pants leg…on the inside of both knees. Buy the way, this makes it hard to walk.

Just finished with that surgery and I heard the tell-tail sound of a catfish banging a bait. I looked to Ethan’s spinning rod to see a bump-bump-stop. Dang it…he’s gone I said.

No sooner were those words out of my mouth when the white rod bent down to the water. Ethan was pulling out the rod from the Folbe like he’s done it a million times and the fight was on. Heck, I’m not going to talk about it…watch the video below! I call it Ethan vs 10 pound Channel Cat!

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  1. I’m not sure who was having more fun, Ethan or Coach Mom!

    I can say the Sudden Impact is something I wouldn’t ever want to run out of on the water and I wouldn’t want to be the one to forget the SI either!

  2. Here’s a few more random photos.

    Thanks again Steve from dropping off those poppers! They’re a hoot to catch White Bass with. I stopped into the bait shop on Sunday and paid for them…yeah, I kept them all!

    I’m not sure how the Pug picture got in there…guess I just like his shirt and he doesn’t forget the Sudden Impact fiber bait.

  3. Proud mom
    He’s a natural… It’s in his blood line so I was just faking that excitement in my voice obviously…

    Picture BK with a lure between his legs caught on each side waddling and helpless…

    Funny stuff
    Great times!


  4. Quote:

    Picture BK with a lure between his legs caught on each side waddling and helpless…

    Some how I think you had something to do with this.

    …just sayin’.

  5. Great video BK! The hair is growing back quickly. In some countrys a popper between the knees is a form of birth control!
    Awesome to see kids catching fish!

  6. Word is a group of 9 cat guys cleaned over 300 channels in their 3 day stay at Everts.

    White Bass are easy pickings when they are spotted busting the surface.

    Walleyes are going well from Everts up stream.
    Denver rigging seems to be putting the most in the boats but other techniques are working as well.

    I haven’t heard anything about the panfish, but they should be out there for the taking.

    I hope you all get out this weekend and enjoy the down hill slide of the Summer of 2013!

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