A Sudden Impact Experience on Pool 8

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Sudden Impact (sud’n im’pakt); an abrupt violent force.
I have never been a big fan of the stink bait. Not even back in the day when fishing with grandma’s home brew, I just didn’t care for the stuff. Messy, eye tearing odor’s, girls stayed away, you get my point …but after reading how well some are doing with the tubs of stink baits, and checking out the (new to me) offerings from Team Catfish discovering new style hooks and bait holders, it was time to get off the sidelines once again and try the smelly stuff.

First trip out for Channel cats the Medium heavy rods and bait casters were prepared to cast offerings of #6 Dead Red Treble Hook’s (barbs pinched down) twisted up in Sudden Impact. With the addition of fiber in the mix, the Sudden Impact did load up on the treble when being swirled in the goop, and it held to the hook by surprise, even when hot, just as advertised. Between dad and I this trip, we kept a few eater sized cats for a ride back to Florida and tossed a few back. The 2-3lbrs were fun to catch and they had dads mouth watering. Perfect eater size if you were to ask me. Let’s just say my confidence level wasn’t near high yet. Not about to give up on the smelly stuff, and sick of catching turtles on cut bait, a little more research was sought after.

Second trip with confidence below mid level, dad and I set up with a new addition in gear, the Furry THaNG, how could you not want to try something with a name like that!!
The Furry THaNG was filled with Sudden Impact and handed off to dad. No sooner than the explanation of how to use the circle hook, do not set it, let the hook do the job speech, and a turn to grab the next rod, I hear “something’s going on here” from dad in a voice that drew immediate attention. With a turn of the head the eye balls picked up the image of a pole doubled over thumping with tail strides and dad smiling ear to ear. “Hang On” rings out and the response was “that’s all I can do right now” followed by the laughter of father and son The sinker didn’t even have time to disturb the bottom and dad never even had the opportunity to set the hook, the rod doubled over and the fight was on before what just happened even registered….confidence level has now increased but there was still a concern for how often I thought I had to re-bait
A talk with the IDO cat king Brian was reassuring, useful and had me back on track. With a clear head and armed with more information a hurdle was jumped bumping up the confidence level!!

Third trip and alone after work Friday night had my new arsenal of Catfish gear at the ready. Furry THaNG with the 3/0 DBL Action Circle hook, Dead Red Dip Tubes, #6 Dead Red Treble Hooks, Sudden Impact, and Secret-7 was now added to the mix.
There was a swagger back in the step with the new information now at hand.
The boat was anchored up on a current seem in 16fow which dumps into 25fow with boulders on the floor, a channel cat heaven, the baits were pitched down river and dropped up river just short of the deep hole landing them in 16feet. In short order it was realized the true meaning of Sudden Impact, an abrupt violent force had rocked a rod doubling it over without any indication of a tap, tap. This whiskered critter came in full out, balls to the wall, making a domestic violence crime scene out of the stink bait instantly. After a mug shot and the bounty set at promising to hit again someday, the bad cat was released.
The third trip made for a great night of catfish action, and without using cut baits the turtle bite dropped to zero! Confidence level is now at “why did I ever give this stuff up!”

My favorite 2 set ups were both made up of a sliding 3-way by using 2 swivels. Run your main line straight through one swivel and tie the second swivel to the end of your main line. You now should have a swivel that slides on the main line stopped by the swivel on the end. For the sinker I use a 6-12inch dropper (depending on depth of water) tied to the first/sliding swivel made up with 8-10lb mono. Using the lighter mono will allow you to break free of a snagged sinker without losing the leader end, which at times may have a fish on. 1-2oz’s of lead has been plenty with the flow at this time. My leader is made out of 24-30inches of braid, same lb# as my main line. The reason for the 3-way rig is to keep the bait just off the bottom. I believe channel cats prefer to pick up bait just off bottom rather than right on bottom. Using this set up also allows the line to slide without the taker feeling the drag of a sinker. It helps with the percentage of hook ups while using circle hooks, if time is allowed make a quick drop of the rod tip slacking the line, this allows the cat to hold the bait a bit longer if they need that last taste before committing too the hook.

When using the Secret-7 I run my leader through the red dip tube and tie on the #6 treble with the barbs pinched flat for an easier release. My personal preference when using the Sudden Impact was the Furry THaNG. I felt it held the fiber bait longer than the plain treble, and I love the circle hooks. Making a decision between using the treble and the Furry THaNG with Sudden Impact will be determined by your personal preference. The Furry THaNG also holds the Secret-7 well but in that case I preferred the tube, again, personal preference.

Day four and the company was buddy Mikehd. Fishing the same types of area, current dumping into deep holes holding wood or rock while placing the baits just up river allowing the smell and bits to chum down river dropping into the deep and ringing the dinner bell.
The stink baits produced horrendous blows while Mike’s cut bait tapped, bounced, sometimes taking off side ways, only to bring soft shells to the surface, just as I experienced my first few trips out Mike’s loaded tube with Team Catfish stink baits however had him doing arm curls with the beady eyed wide tailed bruisers refusing to leave bottom! Pound for pound, these fish will pull more than there own weight every time. If you were anywhere close to us on pool 8 Saturday, you more than likely were laughing at 2 grumpy old men having a ball on the river…”right putz”

Thanks to some research, trial and error, seeking the knowledge of a good friend, and the gear of Team Catfish, catching channel cats with stinky stuff the last couple weeks has been a hoot and easy to use. The confidence level for catching channel cats is very high and I’m now believing these tubs of man made stinky paste’s are a must have item Why did I ever turn my head, I do not know.

Good luck fishing people


  1. It’s a good thing Sudden Impact doesn’t come with a box of Ritz crackers. It is not a smell that you want in your carpet but, it is pleasant enough maybe a taste wouldn’t hurt.

    It was nice catching the whiskered devils again, something that Mike and I have ignored for a while. Mike fell right back in Love again once we started netting some fish!

    A few cats headed to Florida and I did keep two for table fare after a fatality. The rest of the whiskered critters caught were released unharmed during the making of this study and live on to fight again

  2. From experience….Club crackers work/taste better then a circle hook Bret!

    Glad you didn’t post this on Friday, Evert’s Bait Shop would of had a “gone fishing” sign on the door Saturday!

  3. Quote:

    PS Secret 7 is a little less…tart.

    That is some amazing stuff. By the way the “aroma” wafted around my boat I can’t imagine how far that scent must travel under water. I’d know within seconds as soon as Bret opened up one of the containers. Good stuff though. And a great time Buddy Bret. Now as far as falling “right back in Love again”, she was a cute little cat wasn’t she? Sure hope Bea doesn’t find out.

  4. What’s with the ‘mottled’ look on that one channel? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one like that before..

  5. The cat bled out and was a quick fatality, the only reason the 2 were kept. He sat on ice for a few hours, this is the only reason I can think of that caused the calico cat look.

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