Trolling on Lake Puckaway june 18th

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We were on lake Puckaway , which is a widening of the Fox river which flows down from Montello. The river then continues north east on its way to lake Winnebago. It was sunny at 7 am. when we started with clouds coming by mid morning and storms moving in for the night.

We started our day trolling from east to west and was going with the wind direction. When its windy it always easier to set up the poles going with the wind. We were running 2 boards on each side off the bow and then lead core rods and also 2 long line poles out the back as well. For the baits for the day we were using number 5 and 7 shad raps and flicker shads and cleo spoons. The perch color, blue raps and crawdads colors were the key for the day. The number 5 raps we were setting at 20 feet behind the boards and the number 7,s at 10 feet. On the lead core poles just one color out with number 7 flickers. The 1/3rd once cleos were straight lined out at 75 feet.

The bite started out good with only one board out and we all ready had a walleye on the rod before we got the second one out. First pass through some way points we had 1 walleye and 3 norhtern for our efforts . It was a good bite for the morning. The crew I had never trolled before and they got the hang of real good. The speed we were running was 2.1 up to 3 mph and the faster you trolled always seemed to be the best. Lots of nice weeds are showing up in the lake and there was lots of weeds floating as well. So we spent a lot of time clearing the lines.

They had a great time and some fast action and siad they learned a lot on trolling . We boated 2 walleyes and 10 northerns and only one sheephead for the trip. The fish were aggresive today. A few times while putting the boards out we got norhterns while still hanging on to rods before putting them in the rod holders.

From Jeff Bennett aka; Bushman1

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Jeff Bennett

Been on Puckaway for 54 years and have fished it year round. Full time fishing guide specializing in walleyes and crappies.


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