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Missouri River Walleyes – S10E15

Episode 1016

In-Depth Outdoors Host James Holst heads West to South Dakota to Join IDO Pro Andy Fiolka on the Missouri river for some great walleye action.


  1. Very cool show… and perfect timing as I dug the boat out this morning. The fever is strong for open water walleye! My direction will be an early, and first trip with a boat to Lake Erie after IDO got me hooked on that option with the late ice shows last year.

  2. James…. I can’t imagine anything better than seeing a show there on Sunday April 3rd!!! I leave that night for three days. Your shows got me there on the ice last year, and on Green Bay open water the year before…. there’s a pattern developing, and I like it!

  3. Great show as always. To Andy: Was hoping you could share the brand of rods you were using, and length?…I was looking to upgrade my leadcore setup this season. Thanks.

  4. I was using Abu-Garcia Vendetta Line Counter Series rods. The outside rods are 10’6″ Med action and the inside rods are 7’10” Med action. They really do have the ideal action for trolling lead core.

  5. Andy or James,
    Can you tell me what boat landing you launched from, and the general area you were fishing in? My son and I are going up to Chamberlain in a couple of days, and we would like to at least be in the general area that you were fishing in. We typically fish Francis Case during the first week of June, so this will be an early trip for us. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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