Harvest Chronicles E5 – Wisconsin Rut

Episode 5

This week on In-Depth Outdoors Harvest Chronicles we travel to Central Wisconsin for the greatest time of the year, “The Rut”.


  1. Good story and great videography again.

    But…..the deer struggling in the swimming pool is why I stopped deer hunting. Just too much to watch them die….I started feeling bad for killing them. Probably why I’m more likely to pick up the camera than the shotgun when we’re duck hunting these days.

  2. That was pretty incredible. I haven’t hunted for a few years and have killed my fair share of deer. I would like to know if that baby pool was just sitting out there in the woods or used for baiting. Me personally I would have probably passed on that shot due to the situation at hand. The deer could have taken a drink and moved on then shot him or wait for a new one to come in. Still that was really incredible footage all around not just the kill.

  3. Tip of the hat to your staff. That was by far the best videoed hunt I have seen. The blood from poor boys mouth was quite a shot. The most appreciated part of the video was none of that over acted high five bullsh#t or intense heavy metal music. The scenery and the low key music gave the death a sense of dignity. Once again nice work. Hope you make big, there is a necessity to this type of craftsmanship in this arena.

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