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BIG Northern Pike on Lake Nipigon – S11E4

Episode 1104

In Season 11 , Episode 4 we follow James Holst and Chad Thompson from Pasha Lake Cabins in Ontario, on an epic journey targeting Northern Pike. f you like Big Fish, especially Big Pike – you are going to love this brand new episode of In-Depth Outdoors TV. We have 22 episodes remaining, and our next destination is unknown. Much of the Ice Belt is just now starting to see ice forming on lakes and ponds, so we are hopeful to be on ice during the next episode.


  1. Great show James. Those were some huge Pike and it looked like a blast…Next time you fish up there give yourself a couple days to fish the lake or even the Nipigon River for trophy Speckled Trout. There’s some huge trout in that system. The world record was even caught there.

  2. We’ll be up to give the brookies a run next Sept. Chad was telling us that fish up to 27″ or more are a reasonable possibility at that time of the year. I just want to hold ONE. Such a cool fish.

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