Pre-Spawn Walleye Fishing Is Under Way On Green Bay

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Well as most of us know this was not the best ice fishing season across the Mid West with much milder weather being present and for us here on the Great Lakes it did not leave us with ideal weather for making good ice. As much as I love the ice fishing season this was a season that I was not sad to see goes as early as it did. We have had open water now044 for a week or so  on the Bay and we have been fishing Walleyes that are obviously all pre-spawn and unlike most seasons we are finding water temps to be very cold every where as opposed to usually finding warmer water in and around the river areas attracting walleyes.

With water temps being very uniform both on the Bay and in area rivers the fish have not yet begun to move into the river areas and will not until we begin to see warmer weather which will warm upper river water which will begin to run into the Bay which will attract walleyes to run into the rivers seeking out warmer water temps to spawn in. Over the past week or so the key for us to finding walleyes has been seeking out warmer water temps which change daily and hourly depending on the weather we have for the day.

We have been finding success fishing for walleyes using presentations which consist of both trolling and casting depending on the weather conditions which we are faced with on a daily basis. Because of the water temps being very cold and pretty much uniform we have not been focusing on any one area just going out and finding fish in an area and working that general area and trying to stay on the fish that make moves through the day and trying to stay on them the best that we can.

After receiving a snow storm last night which brought us up to 6 to 10 inches of snow this will only put things back a bit bringing water temps down again so we will be looking at walleyes being pre-spawn for a bit yet probably for another week or more before the weather warms enough to bring water temps to where the walleyes will move into areas that are suitable for spawning. Now is the time to get out and have that chance at catching that true trophy walleye but here on the Bay we always have great opportunities at catching trophy walleyes. Good fishing and as always be safe.


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