Late season wisconsin archery hunt


This year started like any other year, High hopes and dreams of the chance of filling my tag with a “buck of a lifetime” This year I had even more reason to be optimistic, I had been given the opportunity to lease a small parcel of land in Wisconsin. After just one week we had pictures of several shooter bucks! As the season progressed I Passed several smaller bucks in hopes of shooting one of the “hit list” bucks.

Side view

Side view

After the Wisconsin gun season it became obvious that The bucks had moved off of the lease. I was fortunate enough to get permission to hunt a farm in pierce co. Wisconsin.
I knew as soon as I saw that there was standing corn It would be good! I set up on a heavily used trail that headed into heavy cover and hoped for the best, as usual several does worked their way into the field at about 3:30, followed by a small 6 point, about 4:00 I had a decent 8 point walk into range, I decided to take him…I slowly raised my Matthews switchback XT, took careful aim and put the Rage 2 blade through both lungs. Not the “Buck of a lifetime” but with only one night to hunt I was happy to have had the opportunity to put my tag on him.

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  1. I was wondering what the meant on an earlier post. That looks to be one of the bigger 8’s I’ve ever seen. Congrats on putting down a late season monster 8!

  2. I love big 8 points….congrats on a great deer…standing corn late season is awesome…..

  3. Congrats on the late season buck! Hard to see in the pictures but looks like he has some great brows. Congrats again.

  4. Bob:

    Nice work, great looking deer! We all know how hard you work at this, and it’s good to see you cash-in. It’s not easy sitting in a tree this time of year.


  5. Way to go Bob! Congrats! You got to love it when you only have one night to hunt and the plan comes together! Way to make the most of it!

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