MN 2009 Spring Turkey Report by Tina Hebert


Harvesting a turkey is always special, but it is even more special when you can hunt and harvest a turkey on your family’s land. Our hunt started late Sunday. After spending an awesome Mother’s Day with my son Nick and Brad, Brad and I headed to Brainerd. We got to there mid-evening and decided to put on our camo and head out to scout the birds heading to roost. Brad asked if I was going to take the gun. I didn’t think we would need it but okay. As we were headed toward the roosting area, we heard gobbling. Brad called and the tom responded to our calls. So we set up in a small opening on the ground. He was out in an open field and we figured he would head through a small shooting lane and into the opening to get to his roost. He surprised us and came around from the left through some thick brush and strolled by about 15 yards in front of us! I struggled to get into shooting position and he didn’t offer me a clean shot. I was frustrated but hopeful because I wasn’t even planning to have an opportunity for a bird that evening. I hoped it was an indication of greater things to come. The tom headed up to roost. As we were walking out to our truck, Brad “shushed” me and in a tall tree not 50 yards from our truck, he was up in the roost in a wide open pasture.

On Monday morning, we headed out the door about 4:30. The Roosted Tom was facing east the last time we saw him so that is the side we decided to set up on. This meant walking an extra mile from the cabin, through the woods and down the fence line, so we wouldn’t bump him. It was our hope he would fly down and head back toward the open field he came from that evening. At daybreak he flew down toward us and kept answering our calls, even gobbling when we weren’t calling. Unfortunately instead of walking through the open pasture to our right he got hung up on a small swamp that was between our blind and him. We called, he gobbled, we called, he gobbled, we called, well you get the point. This lasted for about 45 minutes and he finally got frustrated and head off into the woods. At that point, we decided to pack up the Covert blind and our stuff and head cross country to see if we could cut him off. We were hearing gobbles in the distance and decided on an opening that has multiple trails running through it. Either we would encounter the Roosted Tom or perhaps some other bird in the area. We set up the blind and shortly after, we heard a gobble. We were pretty sure it was the Roosted Tom. YES! We beat him to the opening. (Note: We had two sides of the blind open to the two potential lanes we thought he might present himself. We also had a jake and hen inflatable decoy set out kitty corner to the right and another hen decoy kitty corner to the left.)

Twenty minutes went by with some gobbling in the distance and some gobbling from what we hoped to be the Roosted Tom. All of a sudden out of what seemed like no where and from the blind side of the blind, we hear something running toward us. There is a turkey attacking the inflatable jake decoy!!! He was a very small tom but thought he could take on that “lightweight” jake. I could hardly keep from laughing out loud. His “attack” lasted about 10 seconds, then he was about 5 feet behind our blind drumming and spitting….He must have decided not to do battle and walked off.

Shortly after, we heard our Roosted Tom again as well as some gobbles in the distance just opposite him, so we turned the blind about 90 degrees. That would give us a better view of the trails we thought the turkeys might take. Sure enough, three jakes came walking down the trail coming from the left and just then, our Roosted Tom comes out from the right! The jakes are now 10 feet in front of the blind and we are locked down. The Roosted Tom is gobbling and strutting. He spins a couple of times. He is 30 yards out, but if I move to get in position for a shot, the jakes are going to bust me. We watch as he struts and walks off back where he came from. We could hear a hen aggressively pulling him back. My heart sinks…We have been hunting him since last night, he is 30 yards out, and no shot. The jakes follow him.

Not 10 minutes later, the same 3 jakes come strolling back by from the right, offering many opportunities to shoot. They could care less about the blind. They were dusting themselves. Two of them just laid down in the grass for about 7 or 8 minutes. All of a sudden, they started acting spooked. The distant gobbling we had been hearing stopped, and from the left comes 3 TOMS! My heart was racing so fast I could hardly breath. Each tom was chasing a jake, it was complete mayhem in front of us, TURKEYS RUNNING EVERYWHERE. When I think back to what we were witnessing I start laughing out loud. It was hilarious to watch them. Brad did a great job of calling and turned two of the toms. They came running right toward the blind. Now my heart was beating so hard I thought it was rattling the blind. I tried to take aim at one of the toms, but with all of the confusion and trying to reposition myself, I was stressed and not ready. I missed. What a great opportunity AND I MISSED. I was very frustrated with myself. I told Brad later that I wasn’t upset at myself about missing the shot, I was upset that I pulled the trigger. I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t confident about shooting and I shouldn’t have taken the chance.

Those birds stayed in the area and circle our blind about 50 yards out for about 45 more minutes. They would walk away and come back from different angles. We kept repositioning our blind, but they didn’t get close enough to offer another shot. At that point, it was about 1:45 and we decided to take a break. We headed back to the cabin for a sandwich and to regroup.

That afternoon, we set up in a completely different spot in the middle of the woods. We figured we would hunker down and go mobile if we heard some gobbles. About an hour into our wait, we heard a gobble back in the direction of the cabin. So we grabbed the gun and headed out. We got over there too late. We had to go around a large water hole and swamp. Whoever it was went silent. But, we did hear something gobbling, back in the direction of the blind! So, back over we went. Nothing. By then we were hungry and tired. (Okay it was more me, but we had walked about 6 miles carrying gear and I was pooped.) We had hunted hard from sunrise – 7 pm. We decided to give the birds a break, no roosting, just head back. On our way out, along one of the fence lines in the pasture we saw a porcupine. He was lumbering along. We stopped and watched as he slowly walked over to a tree and climbed right up. It is amazing to watch them use their front paws just like hands. I named him Petey. If they have a name they are not scary (See Brad’s post on Squeakers the Mouse.) We had had an AWESOME day. Great encounters. I didn’t count the gobbles but it must have been over 200. We saw at least 5 different toms and 3 jakes (12 deer, a chipmunk, several ducks, 4 sandhill cranes and a porcupine.) It was also special for me to have that time with Brad. We haven’t had a lot of time to spend just the two of us. No other people, no cell phones, not email, just some time away. We make a pretty good team!

Tuesday morning we woke up at 4 am ready to head out again. The wind had been howling all night long and hadn’t let up. I knew that we were at a disadvantage if the birds couldn’t hear us and we would have a hard time hearing them. We discussed strategy and decided to set up our blind about 100 yards south of where we had the chaotic encounter with the jakes and toms. We set up along a wide grassy trail that also intersects another trail and there is also a large opening where they all convene. We set up a full strut tom decoy with a bedded hen, thinking that if one of the toms saw it down one of the paths it might draw him closer. I made a promise to myself that we would sit tight until noon. So we set up and climbed in. We heard a couple of gobbles off in the distance occasionally but not nearly the action of yesterday. We discussed trying to go after one of the birds if they got really vocal but that didn’t happen. About 7:20 one of the gobbles started getting closer, so Brad started calling (slate call). A tom came down the path from our left. Brad could see him before I could. He was curious about the decoy, but didn’t want to get too close. Obviously he wasn’t boss Tom…He walked out then started heading back down the trail. He was a little out of shooting distance. When he did get close enough, he was behind a metal fence post and I didn’t have a shot. Suddenly, he started acting nervous, we looked down the path and there were two deer, they blew and ran off. The tom then turned and started walking back toward the trail opening but was back further then we wanted for a shot and looked like he was going to head down the opposite side of the fence line away from us. Brad called a couple of times, very aggressively with the slate call and turned him. All I needed was two more steps closer. I asked Brad if he was close enough to shoot. He said Yes. It was now or never. When the tom lifted up his head, I slowly squeezed the trigger and down he went. WHOO HOO! My first Minnesota turkey! I shot him at about 35 yards. The difference between yesterday’s shot and today’s was that I was prepared. I rehearsed how I would position myself and the gun and I was confident in the shot I was taking.

Every time I am out I learn so much more about hunting from Brad, about calling, positioning, decoy use, turkey behavior, the list goes on. I cherish the time in the field and the time outdoors. This may sound kind of corny but it is so amazing to sit and watch all of the creatures in their own habit and share a small piece of what God created. I also had a great guide!

Author: Tina Hebert

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Brad Juaire

I fish Mille Lacs twice a week primarily utilizing deep diving crank baits via planer boards. I also hunt trophy bucks and mature gobblers in Buffalo County, WI and near Brainerd, MN.


  1. Nice job Tina You guys have some great land to hunt there Glad we didn’t “bump” them out on friday Brad….

  2. Tina, Congrats on a succesful hunt! Being in the woods with all its creatures is something that will never get old with alot of us! Everyday is different and that keeps a person going back. 6 miles? No wonder you guys invested in the inflatable dekes.

  3. Congrats again Tina on your successfull hunts! Nice job Brad on calling and videoing! Thanks for giving me a sneak peak last night! It was great seeing you guys last night and good luck this week/weekend in WI.

  4. Congrats on a well earned bird Tina! Sounds like you guys had fun spending quality time together and that’s what it’s all about.

  5. Great write up Tina! Congrats on your well earned bird.
    Missing the first then composing yourself for the deal sealer……good stuff. Great job too Brad

  6. Congrats on the bird Tina! Great story too. We go through lots of ups and downs as turkey hunters, and you did a great job describing not just the events of the hunt but how you felt along the way. If you haven’t missed, you haven’t turkey hunted long enough, so it’s good to get that one out of the way!

    Brad’s a great turkey hunter, so I knew we’d be reading a report here sooner or later.


  7. Excellent job Tina! Very nice write up and your emotion shows in the report. Congrats on getting your first bird harvest on film. We are looking forward to seeing the final product and watching it here on IDO.

    Good luck today and I hope I will be seeing you guys on Friday morning and you will have # 2 down by then.

  8. Great Report! It’s great to read how the hunt went, also that it was about experiencing nature itself. Too many folks think hunting is about taking an animal, rather it is those experiences or failures that make you a better outdoors person.

  9. Rob,

    Don’t forget to leave me at least one bird. Don’t shoot the bearded hen, either. Make sure to leave the ground blind up, too. Oh, I almost forgot, I’ll have sugar with the coffee.
    Good Luck!

  10. congrats Tina (and Brad)…nice story. I love this time of year, spending time in God’s creation. I love all the sounds, smells as the woods come alive at this time of year.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  11. Quote:

    Good luck today and I hope I will be seeing you guys on Friday morning and you will have # 2 down by then.

    Thanks Rob! We did get a bird last night (Thursday) in Wisconsin. Another awesome hunt! Good luck to you too!

  12. Quote:

    We did get a bird last night (Thursday) in Wisconsin. Another awesome hunt!
    I shot him about 5:30 pm after a great day of hunting. He actually had a double beard. Here are a couple of pics:

  13. Congrats Tina!

    It was great sharing some Blind time with ya on Friday, even though the Turkeys were a little slow.

    Two more Wisconsin Birds hit the ground last night!

    Both were caught on film!

  14. Tina, maybe you could guide me for my last season here in WI!? I’m 0 – 2 in filling tags this year.

    Congrats on your double bearded gobbler by the way!

  15. What a bird Tina! Congrats on a great one. Sounds like the hunt was action packed and that you were working birds pretty steady. Nice!


  16. Thanks Everyone! We had some awesome days in Wisconsin. Action packed to say the least. It was fun to spend some time with Rob and learn how others hunt, not just Brad , although he was responsible for me getting my birds called in.

    He was patient with me and made sure I was prepared to shoot and set up. I learned so much this past week. Every hunt is so different. In Minnesota, the Tom wouldn’t come close to the full strut decoy and in Wisconsin, he ran as fast as he could right in! It was sooooo cool to watch.

    Mike – I am happy to guide! With the WI woods fresh in my mind I think we could find some birds…

  17. Isn’t there suppose to be video of this hunt somewhere? Come on boys…slacking a little here aren’t we?

  18. Honestly, it will be ahwile before you will see it. Sad but True.

    Honestly I have no idea when you will see it, but you will. Just don’t hold your breathe as we are trying to figure a few things out.

  19. That’s ok…I got a sneak peak of Tina’s bird from Mn! The raw emotion is pretty darn cool Tina! Oh yeah, and you too Brad!

  20. Okay…I know everyones mind has turned to deer hunting, but I would still like to see the footage from this hunt! Come on Rob/Brad…let Tina show us how it’s done!

  21. Quote:

    Okay…I know everyones mind has turned to deer hunting, but I would still like to see the footage from this hunt! Come on Rob/Brad…let Tina show us how it’s done!

    We will be keeping this video footage in the vault until next spring….

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