more central Nebraska multi-species fishing


Another weekend on the tri-county canal yielded some nice healthy fish once again. On Saturday my dad and I went out and targeted saugers and the first fish of the day was a good one. As soon as I got him in the net, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. The biggest sauger I’ve ever personally seen, this hawg went 21 5/8″, and the gut on this fish was just unbelieveable. I really wanted to weigh him, but with the heat we were worried about getting him back in the water. But I bet that fish weighed close to 3 1/2 lbs, it was just wild. Only sauger we got, but it was a good one, no doubt about it. We’ve gotten two 20 inchers this summer, so it was good to finally get the MA in the boat.
We then found some shade because it was unbelieveable hot out there, and I wasn’t really planning on catching many fish there, but we caught upwards of 60 crappies in the short hour were hanging out in the shallow water near some trees.

On Sunday, my mom and step-dad went out catfishing on a stretch of the canal and went fishing for flatheads, and it paid off. Mom hauled in this nice flatty that went a shade over 23 lbs. They also hauled in 6 other nice channels, but the flatty was definitely the highlight. Mom better start working out…it was all she had to lift this beast!

Even the cat was excited about fish. This meant she could beg for a few snacks of catfish before they went in the freezer.

Looks like more stable weather this week, which will hopefully pay off for some good fishing. Stay in the shade if you want, but the fishing is getting hotter.


  1. Ya really! I couldn’t believe the water temp was up that high, but it has been hot and humid here, so I guess it’s about right.

    Flathead actually fell for a dead chub if you can believe that. The channels were munching on bluegills.
    The sauger, well she went with a shad, of sorts.

  2. Nice report Brian, I don’t think I have ever caught a sauger let alone one like that. I haven’t been out since Fathers day. Looks like it could be another week or more until I go. Hot days and hot water means night fishing for me. Way less jet skis that way too.

  3. Quote:

    night fishing for me. Way less jet skis that way too.

    That’s right! Was out last night and will be out again tonight, can’t wait for it to get dark! We’ve had some real issues with skiers this year getting way too close. I need to get a bigger water gun.

    These saugers sure are fun, and we are actually targeting them. They stock the canal with em, so I hope we are able to catch more of them. In their netting survey 4 years ago they hit it right on: you won’t catch many of em, but when you do, it’s usually a good one. That’s been mostly my experience, too.
    I usually complain about the wind, but it’ll feel nice out there today.

  4. Hello is wonderful to see such awesome cats from the tri county canal we are planning on coming up this weekend to do some cat fishing is there any where to camp out we just do primitive camping.
    Thank you for your time.Pamie

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