Mid August Musky report

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Fishing has been very steady the past week or so. Fish have been eating at predictable times, in predictable places, and even eating predictable lures!!! I know, I know… you’ve never seen the word predictable in one sentence so many times… but the fishing last week almost has me usuing the other “p” word… Pattern!

We’ve been on fish in the early morning with bucktails and topwaters fished in shallow. Again, we are fishing shallow slop weeds. I’m actually putting the boat in some places in which I’ve never caught muskies this time of year. However fish have been holding consistently in these haunts and seem eager to chase a “bulged” bucktail just under the surface of the water.

Afternoons have also been great! With the moonrise taking place mid-day last week we had a lot of muskie action with the sun high in the sky. We had one day where we boated 3 muskies and moved several others between 11am and 1 pm… Not bad for mid August. This bite has been taking place in a little deeper water and involves my favorite bait, the bulldawg.

So we’ve covered the shallow and the deep, now I’ve got to mention the weedlines as well. When I’m done in shallow and I can’t find anything out deep or in the open, I’ve usually been able to scrounge up a fish on a good old fashion weed edge. Almost every bait in the boat has been getting looks, but once again Bulldawgs are out producing everything else.

I have a few days open in the next couple weeks. If you’re interested in getting out, please contact me soon. Good Luck out there!

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I run a fishing guide service in the Twin Cities Metro area and Western WI. I specialize in Musky fishing but also trips for bass, walleye, panfish, etc..


  1. Nice work Ryan! Hopefully Ill see you on the water the next few days before I have to head back to school.

  2. Nice fish Ryan!

    Let’s see, if I recall the way a non-ski fisherman spells Bulldog is A-d-v-i-l.

    They look like fun. I mean who doesn’t like a big fish?

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