Mississippi River Pool 13 – Chasing Slab Crappies


I have been on Pool 13 a few times in the past week and the crappies have been biting well. The water is pretty clean, but still very swift. As a result, I’ve been using ¼ ounce jigs with 1.75” Midsouth tubes, and a minnow. The water temperature has been about 78 degrees. I’m finding fish in no less than six feet of water and up to twelve feet. I’m finding bigger fish in a bit faster current. The first picture is a 15” beast that fell to a white/blue tube and minnow.

All fish have come vertical jigging and I’m trying a bit of a different tactic this year. I have never used longer than a 7’ rod on the river while jigging, but this year I’m using 10’ Crappie Maxx rods. This is paying huge dividends for me, because I can get out away from the boat a bit more. Three feet doesn’t seem like much for a rod difference, but in shallow water, every inch makes a difference as to whether you spook fish or not.

These outings have been the first chance I’ve had to use my Lowrance HDS and DI/SI systems on the river. I have had great success using them elsewhere and have been more than pleased with how they are performing in the sloughs of the mighty river. I’m am covering so much more water using the side imaging and then nailing down structure with the DI. I am fishing structure in places I had no idea existed and based on the looks I’m receiving when another boat passes by, other don’t know the structure is there either.


  1. Nice job. It’s nice to see a crappie report from down there again. I grew up in Clinton and had fabulous crappie fishing from the late ’70’s and all through the 80’s on pool 13. Thanks for your report and bringing back some very fond memories.

  2. Just Fish,

    I grew up in Elizabeth, IL and love fishing the river. I have a trailer down at Lake Shelbyville, but the size of fish doesn’t even compare to what we get on the river. A guide that fishes Shelbyville every day has caught 1, 14″ fish down there in several months of fishing. We had 8 fish 14″ and over (one 17″) in three outings last week on the river.

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