Hornet infestation in Bathroom Fan vent???

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    Anyone have a remedy for this one that I can take care of myself at home here? They seem to be coming in through the fan in the bathroom. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    You might have a hive in the vent tube, or somewere very near it where the bees are getting lost and finding themselves in there.

    If you dont have a hive, you should be able to put a screen over the top of the vent tube(outside).

    If you have a hive in there??? I dont know what to do.

    Spud gun theory… hair spray and a match? Shoot it into the neighbors yard and let them deal with it!

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    Most of the bath fan exhaust vents on the roof do leave a pretty easy access for insects although they are typically dampered. About the only way to do it yourself would be to go on the roof and spray hornet killer in the vent and get away. I spose you could spray it from the inside too. Anyway, I guess getting rid of them first and then simply replacing the vent on the roof or siding with a new one. Maybe your existing vent is stuff open allowing them in. So that would be the home rememdy. If you aren’t comfortable with that you should just call an exterminator first and then have the vent replaced. Alot safer. If those bees chase you on the roof you’ll be in a bad spot.

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    If you want to shoo a horse out of the barn it is not wise to stand in the barn-door. Call an exterminator, they have a bellow-pump type thing that they blow a powder up the vent from the INSIDE OUT…unless of course you like falling off the roof or getting trampled by horses?

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    not to steal this tread but welcome back slipsinker you have been missed

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    Speaking of hornets, got stung by 2 this weekend while at the lake! OUCH! The hornets may very well have a nest in the attic and they’re getting in through the fan assembly rather than the vent pipe? I found one in our attic when I did some electrical work, luckily it was a vacant nest!! Might want to check that as well.


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    if i were you, i would quickley turn on the fan and spray some good expensive bug killer up there!

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    Had the same problem 2 years ago.
    The hood on my roof is one of those metal, what I call curved hoods, that exhaust back down onto the roof.
    It has a flapper door in it and a screen large enough for a small kid to get through. The wasps made a nest up inside it and were able to come down the pipe.

    I am not a bee fan at all and so I opted for the exerminator method.
    He came out and used a turkey baster type deployment system and discharged a powder or dust into the vent hood. I can’t remember what the dust was but it is a controlled substance (not like the contraband type you are thinking of) but stuff that you have to be licensed to get.
    He “puffed” around all my vents for good measure.

    He also said that with the powder, unlike the spray, if an insect comes back to the hive and comes into contact with the residual powder, it will kill them and any other insects they touch also. Works great for larger hives where bees / hornets / wasps etc. come in contact with each other in the hive.

    Wasps gone. No roof casualties of the human kind.

    Good Luck


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    Like the others said. Get a damper on the vent and/or stuff some screen in there to start with. Once they cannot get in vent some bug spray through the tube. You say hornets but that does not sound like hornets. Sounds like wasps or maybe yellow jackets. If wasps then above method should do it. If YJ then you may have a lot more bees and a substantial nest somewhere. I would not think YJ could/would build nest in vent tube alone. I like tackling bees but the exterminator option sounds good too. Keep in mind that a full frontal attack works better and is safer at night. Good luck.

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    I’ve got stung by bees at the cabin the past 3 weekends. Once in the leg, once under the arm pit, and last weekend in the noggin. Do me a favor and whether you use an exterminator or do it yourself TAKE NO FREAKIN PRISONERS!!!!! I’m not a fan of bees.

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    Do me a favor and whether you use an exterminator or do it yourself TAKE NO FREAKIN PRISONERS!!!!! I’m not a fan of bees.

    Sorry but

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