Sturgeon Bay Brown Trout – S10E22

Episode 1022

In-Depth Outdoors host James Holst and ProStaff Adam Rasmussen head to Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin to get in on a Brown Trout casting bite that you just don’t want to miss!


  1. Awesome show! Question for you…how deep were you fishing? I’m guessing with old school Rapalas maybe a couple two or three feet? If that’s the case those fish would be reachable with a fly rod and some big streamers, which would be a real hoot.

  2. Very shallow, Steve. On the Lake Michigan side the fish were in 2 – 3 feet of water. In the bay they were in 6 – 8 feet of water. I have no doubt you’d be able to catch these fish on streamers. Strip-strip-strip…HOOKUP and HOLD ON!

  3. That looks like so much fun James. I never knew they could caught casting like you did in your show. That is a bucket list trip for sure.

  4. KWP – neither Adam or I had ever tried it before. We figured we’d throw a day at it to see what we could make of it before heading further east to Lake Erie. It was definitely a day well spent. I could see taking 2 or 3 days next spring to work a stretch from Sturgeon Channel south along that western shoreline of lake Michigan. My guess is there’s long stretches of shoreline with good populations of browns that rarely get touched.

  5. Very cool show.

    Living South of Milwaukee, only ten minutes from some of this fishing, I just discovered it two years ago, and it is a blast for sure. I use a lot of 3/8 oz wide gap jigs and plastic on my medium action rods and there really isn’t a better time than when you get into them. What can be cool is there are times with a jig, you’ll get slam, another, and maybe the third is when you actually hook up. Keep the pressure on, and as they hit the net, hook just falls out like you never set it in the first place.

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