Episode S11E9

In Season 11 , Episode 9 James Holst explains key terminology related to mapping, giving detailed information on how to form a strategy  when approaching new bodies of water. We will follow James Holst and four In-Depth Outdoors Pro Staff members, as they fish four different structure types, on four bodies of water.


  1. Loved this show! I found it to be really helpful! I live in West Michigan and will never fish the water you fish so this episode had great educational value! Thanks!

  2. One of the best segments yet. Even some of us average anglers like to know what goes into your thinking. It would be cool if you expanded on the seasonal movements and why the fish are where they are at the time of year you’re fishing them.

  3. This was absolutely awesome. Please do more of these educational/informative shows. The back and forth from footage to mapping concepts was well done. Looking forward to another one!

  4. Great show. Very helpful on how to optimize your time by looking in the rit location. Looking forward to more episodes like this one.

  5. I loved this show. Probably my favorite episode so far. This is exactly the type of thing I need to see, particularly the Lake of the Woods info, talking about how fish will swim along that steep edge and ultimately spread out on the gradual transition area. I feel like I’ve probably wasted so much time fishing steep edges when I should have been in different areas.

    Hope to see more shows like this in the future.

  6. Have to agree with all the positive comments. Even old dogs like me like to learn a new trick or so. I tend to favor videos that teach and inform. The videos that feature just catching fish do little for me.

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