Early Ice Gills in Central Minnesota – S11E05

Episode 1105

Join In-Depth Outdoors Host James Holst, and IDO ProStaff Calvin Svihel as they venture out on first ice in Central Minnesota. Facing challenging conditions, and a significant temperature swing compared to last week, the guys head out in search for Bluegills over 3.5 inches of ice. Additionally, in this episode we reveal our brand new studio space where we will be providing our viewers and fans with additional coverage on topics such as: How to interpret digital sonar and flasher screens, Reading Topography Maps utilizing Garmin Mapping System to locate ideal fishing locations on new bodies of water, and we will be providing you with more information throughout the remainder of the season regarding the gear we use, and how we use those pieces of gear. All of this and more will be taking place in the remaining 21 episodes we have for you in Season 11. Plus, as James mentions in this video – you can expect to see a brand new series of online videos named “IDO Insights Tips, Tricks and Hacks from the Pros” being created, and uploaded to our YouTube Channel throughout the year. These videos are set up based on topics you as fans have provided us – and we hope they make you a better angler. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of our uploads or episodes!


  1. Great episode! I actually prefer the episodes where you “struggle”. There is so much to be learned by watching the changes you make to get some fish.

  2. Enjoyed the episode fellas. I appreciate the segments where you take the time to explain things (baits, patterns, depths, etc., so thank you for that. This episode also gave, and I’m sure I’m speaking for many anglers, the feeling that even the pros will struggle to get the fish to bite. It’s too bad your show isn’t for an entire hour. (wink wink)

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