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Pug Bug Crappies

14.75″ crappie that fell victim to my pug bug/nymph combo last winter… Paired with a Precision Noodle this finesse presentation is deadly for big panfish!

South Dakota Crappies

We found some great fish in South Dakota sloughs just after the St. Paul Ice Show last winter. Although being trapped in the Otter during the brutal winter was tough, the camaraderie and fishing were both very good!


Custom Ice Rod Revolution

Season 6 – Episode 3. Ice Fishing. Walleye.  James Holst & Chris Granrud highlight the two primary ice rods types currently used by most anglers.  Guest appearance by Matt Johnson…


Late Ice Panfish Movements

Season 6 – Episode 1. Ice Fishing. Bluegill and crappie. James Holst & Chris Chris Granrud stretch the season into April and encounter some of the best best ice fishing…